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The Cauliflower Club is a Rugby based charity committed to providing sporting and recreational  equipment to enhance the lives of those with a disability, with a bias  towards sporting related injuries. We use the power and prestige of  Rugby Union, through our members, sponsors, ambassadors, and partners  to help raise funds for the Cauliflower Club to support our efforts.

We have an Annual Lunch, our CCXV team who entertain country crowds and Rugby Long Lunches - Join Us.

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First challenge of 2019

We are delighted to announce that the CCXV will play against Crookwell Dated Dogs on 30th March.  As usual our team features a stellar cast and the squad will be announced over the coming weeks on Facebook, to a fanbase hungry with anticipation.

CCA honoured by reception

The Cauliflower Club were delighted to be hosted for a reception by His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd )) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove.  The weather was spectacular and we were delighted to celebrate the work of the Cauliflower Club in such wonderful company and surroundings.


CCA Royal Rehab Donation

Thanks to the generous donations provided over the past year, Cauliflower Club were delighted to be able to present Matt Mackay from Royal Rehab with a new modified Toyota Camry  at the 2018 lunch.  This will facilitate their Return2Driving program.   The program promotes safety and independence in driving for people with a range of disabilities and/or medical issues.

New pool table at Sargood on Collaroy


We visited Sargood in May to see the new table, purchased with a donation from CCA.  CCA Director Raeleen Hooper and Sargood Executive Officer Susan Johnston are joined by Terri and Rebecca who showed off their pool shark skills.

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Announcing our new Patron

The Cauliflower Club was delighted to announce the appointment of Dame Marie Bashir AD, CVO and former Governor of New South Wales as our new Patron at the 2018 Annual Cauliflower Club Lunch

Seen here with former CCA Chairman John Fordham and her son Nicholas Shehadie.

CCXV at forbes - see all the fun

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If you are not a Member, please come and join us.  Member Fee is $50 per year and we would love to have you in our Club.


Our Partners and major sponsors

Rugby Farm


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Rugby NSW


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PSC Insurance


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Team Player Apparel


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Interested in becoming a sponsor or a partner?

Are you intereted in joining us as a partner or sponsor?  There are many ways to be be invovlved

Email director@cauliflowerclub.org.au

Established late 2012 by Peter FitzSimons (President) and Nick Farr-Jones (Vice President) The Cauliflower Club is a Rugby based charity committed to providing sporting and recreational equipment to enhance the lives of those with a disability, with a bias towards sporting related injuries. We use the power and prestige of Rugby Union, through our members, sponsors, ambassadors, and partners to help raise funds for the Cauliflower Club to make our mission statement a reality.   

Peter sees it slightly more artistically …. “Though our boots be hung and our day be done, our mission is to bring together the Rugby core as in days of yore. Let us be a gathering point for the folk, and backs too, who know that having cauliflower ears marks you as a man of honour. We want to harness the spirit and values of the game they play in heaven, and through that to give a helping hand to those who have suffered disabilities.”   

Charity funds are raised via the generosity of our growing Australian and overseas expat membership base,  through our annual fundraising lunch held in Sydney, and a range of events attached to various Rugby games at Local, Club, State and International levels.    

Membership is $50 per year and branded merchandise is available through the Club. If you are interested in joining us – please email us members@cauliflowerclub.org.au   

In addition, an optional ‘try fine’ $50 tax-deductible donation is called for every time a Wallaby front rower scores a try.     



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Sargood Resort

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