Wheelchair Sports NSW

Making things easier

Cauliflower Club have provided four trailers so far to Wheelchair Sports NSW.  The trailers are crucial for securely storing equipment and making transporting equipment around the State much easier.  

Having an impact

The trailers provide secure storage for specialised sporting equipment, ensuring the barriers to sports participation are minimised and programmes can be run easily. 

Crucially this enables regional programmes to run out of local stadiums and not be deterred by having to constantly battle for storage solutions.

The trailers are also crucial in enabling regional teams to travel intra and interstate, by providing safe and secure storage for sports wheelchairs and equipment.-  

The Trailers provided to the Regional Development officers play a key part in Wheelchair Sports NSW being able spread their message across NSW. The trailers enable staff to transport a number of different pieces of specialised sporting equipment ensuring those in regional areas are given the opportunity to access sports previously not available to them.

Creating Opportunities

The four trailers provided to date haev been to two Regional Development Officers (South- Wollongong & North-Newcastle).-  Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball-  Canberra Chargers Basketball 

The latest trailer  has been put to good use around the State already, including most recently at the Slam Down Under (Wheelchair Basketball Tournament) in Kiama and Shellharbour.